Nicolai 2MXTB owners please post your setups.

Potential owners view, compare, drool & gain insight etc!

Nicolai Linky

Also "no flames please" you can do that on other posts or create a new one if you need to vent, let this be an information data base to assist not to attack or hinder. We can hopefully build a great source of valuable information.

Post pictures of your build also......

Riding terrain conditions:

* Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc

* Frame, Size, & Color:
* Fork:
* Shock, i2i, stroke
* Brakes:
* Cranks:
* Shifter:
* Rear Derailleur:
* Pedals:
* Stem:
* Handlebar:
* Seatpost:
* Saddle:
* Bottom Bracket:
* Cassette:
* Chain:
* Headset:
* Grips:
* Front Tire:
* Front Rim/ Spokes:
* Front Hub/Skewer:
* Rear Tire:
* Rear Rim:
* Rear Hub/Skewer:
* Cables:
* Misc:
* Overall Weight: