Need help Ufo ST vs Ion ST-
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    Need help Ufo ST vs Ion ST

    Dear All,

    Just for the moment Im so confused about the frames Helius ST, Ion and Ufo ST . I was to going to place an order for one week ago but now I em a litle bit confused. My first approach was to order a Helius ST custom but when I compare the modifications that would be applied on the Helius ST frame then the frame would be similar to the Ion ST fram except for the effecient top tube length.

    For a year ago my orginal plan was to build up an X-Freeride/local DH bike arond the Ufo ST frame and the reason for that was the short chain stain and low BB-heigth. But now when I compare the Ion ST and Ufo ST they are similar to each other except from the rear travel link system and the rear travel.

    Ion ST
    + True 4-bar link
    + 200/230 mm rear travel
    + Have 1 1/8 head tube
    + Effecient top tube length 568 mm 1)
    + Wheelbase 1150 mm 2)
    + Chain stay length 428 mm

    Ufo ST
    + Singel Pivot without Dope Arm (no floating brake)
    + 165/195 mm rear travel
    + Have 1.5 head tube
    + Effecient top tube length 575 mm 1)
    + Wheelbase 1139 mm 2)
    + Chain stay length 425 mm

    In fron a 888 or a boxxer should be used..

    Both frames are relative compact and I cannot understand why the Ion ST is marketing as a World Cup DH frame before Ufo ST?

    The bike would be used in steep gnarly rock and roots infested trails with sharp and difficult cornering with dropps and sometimes on high speed trails. I have also read all about the both frames in this forum and have some questions left. Now to my questions.

    Why is the Ufo ST better in XFR/local DH?

    Is brake jack a problem for the Ufo ST frame?

    Is pedal bubing a problem for the Ufo ST when a DHX 5.0 is used?

    Could pedal feedback be a problem for the Ufo ST.

    Thanks and all the best.

    Michael N.

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    I think myself and a friend will be able to help with this one. I've had a UFO ST built as a DH bike for the last year, see my mini review here

    A friend who posts on here occasionally has just bought an ION thanks to him liking the way my bike rode, build quality and the warranty backup.

    I've only had a 'car park' test on his bike so far so he can compare them better.

    Here is how both frames in the medium size compare built up. Main differences are the ION is slightly lower bb but the rest of the angles are pretty similar on theses builds. Note my bike has longer 888s while Pauls ION has shorter boxxers.

    I've not had a chance to ride the ION properly yet but I'd say the difference is the plushness over rough stuff, multi pivot always works better. I find single pivots generally easier to manual and less maintenance.

    The pedal feedback is negligible on the UFO as the pivot is quite near the BB. It pedals pretty reasonably. There is brake jack but only if I'm riding it poorly. Brake jack is over hyped, front wheel brake 'jack' is what you should really worry about...

    When it comes down to it, if you're loaded get the ION. If you're poor get the UFO. I prefer to throw my saved money on holidays where there are lifts

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    If you want a bike to throw around, jump, slope-style type riding - UFO-ST
    If you want a "big" freeride bike that can throw down in the nastiest situations - Helius-ST
    If you want a dedicated race bike - ION

    It can be overwhelming to sift through all of the small geometry changes that make these frames so radically different, but different they are. Another thing not easy to pick up on, is that the ION is tuned to use most of its travel most of the time for eating bumps and big rocks on DH courses where as the Helius-ST is a little more progressive and takes a huge hit to use all of it's travel.

    The design of the UFO-ST and DS squat a fair bit under braking. Personally, I enjoy this characteristic in many settings such as setting up for a fast corner where it effectively lowers the BB and slackens the HTA when you grab a handful of rear brake. It can take some getting used to in low traction situations. The Helius-ST is very neutral under braking. Both suspension systems are quite efficient but there is some suspension movement under hard pedal mashing.

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    Thanks for your answear solamanda and Err. Now I have decide which frame would match my riding style and my local terrain best. And I promise that when my bike is complete I would publish photoes here in this forum.

    Thanks and all the best,

    Michael N.

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