Linkage maintenance-
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    Linkage maintenance

    Looking for some tips to solve the irritating creaking sound on my helius AM linkage.

    Since a few weeks my linkage is making a creaking sounds which is slightly irritating. I was wondering how other Nicolai owners maintain the linkage on their bike.

    What I did was:
    - replaced shock bushing and mounting hardware
    - disassembled rear end and cleaned everything
    - put everything back again

    I did not that it comes pretty close how hard you torque the bolts that hold the linkage together, however I cannot find the sweet spot where this sounds disappears and there is no flex on the rear end.

    - can you put some form of lubrication on those teflon rings or should remain dry?

    Any tip you guys can give me is appreciated

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    I can't remember from memory, but I think those washers should be greased. Actually, my Nicolai came with liberal lube all over the pivots.

    In order to service the main pivot (another probable source of noises), you need special tools. Nothing too fancy, but I'd swear you don't have it in your toolbox, unless you have bought them from Nicolai before or machined some yourself.
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    Problem solved after a mail to nicolai. Thanks anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2-man View Post
    Problem solved after a mail to nicolai. Thanks anyway!

    What did they recommend? Might be useful for others.

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    Come on K2-man. You asked a question. Lets hear the answer

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    This is a copy/paste of the email I got (don't check this forum too often).
    In my case the issues was not enough preload and not enough grease:

    we have lots of info on our site, tech manuals archive; not much in english though.
    all bearings/bushings we use should be greased for lowest friction. some are officially self lubricating though.
    all pivots are adjustable in preload via 4mm allen key and countered by grub screw via 2,5mm allen key. remove the shock from the linkage to adjust, if the swingarm "drops" by its own weight(without rear wheel) its too loose. try not to exceed about 6kg on the rear axle as breakaway force.
    always make sure to have enough preload applied, too much is better than not enough. a lack will lead to damaged pressfits sooner or later, too much just slows it down and increases wear for a while.
    most important is the main pivot, swingarm/mainframe, next is seatstays on linkage. the "horst links" can be neglected pretty much.
    all special tools for exchange if necessary and spares are in stock in case you need some.
    hopefully this helps you, if you have further questions id be glad to help

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