Ion 15 flip chips-
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    Ion 15 flip chips

    Hi all

    Just taken delivery of an ION 15 and the bike has arrived in the 'low' position on the flip chips. I want to change to the 'high' position. I've removed the retaining bolt and tried levering them out with a stanley knife blade but they wont come out. Not wanting to do any damage, I'd therefore like to know how to get them out? Any tip and advise please.

    Thanks all!

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    after loosening the retainer bolt a few turns give it some taps with a hammer (preferably soft-head) to dislodge the opposite side, remove bolt, once that is out the other side is easy to push through...

    it's easier if the bike is in a stand with rear wheel removed so there is not so much weight pulling on the seat stays...

    good luck!

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    That's great, thanks for the reply. I'll give that a go.

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