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    Helius CC Query

    Hey Guys- I found this frame a few days too late as I just bought a new 07' Stumpy Pro on close out. That said, I think I know what my next frame will be come next December when I sell this new one. I have two questions, the first being is this frame set a true Horst link, or some form of knock-off? I could not find a Specialized sticker on any pictures, or any mention of the Horst link on their site. My second question is approximately what are the price ranges for a Painted vs. Anno model with Fox shock (RP3)?



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    It is a true horst link (Nicolai was one of the guys at AMP with Horst Leitner and Dave Turner when the first horst link bikes came out)
    The bikes are made in germany, so Specialized's patent doesn't hold here...so maybe that's why there's no sticker there...however, they do sell on the US, so I guess that they made some class of legal arrangement for that.

    On prices I only know the Euro MSRP on the site...maybe some dudes around here will help on that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fafaafooie
    ... what are the price ranges for a Painted vs. Anno model with Fox shock (RP3)? ...

    you could check with Err on that. just give him a PM and he should be able to give you some prices.

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    They pay royalties to Spesh, though... Ironically.

    I can't say for this year, but in past years some models were offered with the HL for a surcharge (it was minimal, if I remember correctly).

    But it's true that they don't have to bear the "FSR" sticker... maybe for the reasons Cris mentions.
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