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    Frame weights

    Just weighed my two new frames:

    ST with CCDB, 1.5 H/T, Maxle 12mm rear, painted, large 5.55Kg (12.2lbs)

    CC with CCDB, painted, XL 3.97Kg(8.74lbs)

    comparing with my old frame:

    FR 05 model with CCDB, anodised, XL 4.63Kg((10.2lbs) estimated

    and the new AM ( weights taken from quotes on this site)

    AM with CCDB, anodised, large 4.40Kg(9.68lbs)?

    My estimated final build weights for the two new bikes:
    29lbs for the CC and 35lbs for the ST. My old 05 FR weighs 32lb in comparison.

    Looks very unlikely that you could build a sensible AM for less than 30lb? However,
    even at this weight it is only 1lb heavier than my estimated weight for a heavy CC
    build, and the AM should be stiffer? But I'm not dissapointed about my choice of the CC
    because I know it will make a great XC bike. I am very pleased with the weight of
    the ST and I am certain I can build the bike to 35lbs with a single crown fork.

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    ryates - Some interesting weights for sure....You could well be right, it is going to be interesting to see some sensible AM builds, to get under 30 lbs, for sure be an air shock, fork and some fairly blingy bits n bobs...

    35 lbs is respectable for sure for an ST too... Not a lot more than the FR, and it can for sure take a heap more abuse....

    From what i hear, the CC will be a rocket ship. Dam fast....

    Looking forward to seeing these builds...
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    I weighed an ano AM frame with CCDB at 4k dead or 8.8lb(4070g inc 12mm axle).

    I've have a fair bit of experience building sub 30lb 'all mountain' frames from the likes of Cove Hustler, Turner 5-Spot etc.

    Keep in mind that the majority of these AM builds involve 130/140mm frames running 130/140mm forks. The Helius AM is a different bike altogether. It's got 160mm rear travel with a 12mm bolt thru and can take 160mm bolt thru forks up front. A couple of years back this would have been classed as an FR bike along the lines of the above manufacturers 6-Pack and G-Spot. I reckon a good all round weight would be between 32 and 34lb with coil shocks. Much under 32 would be a waste of the frames ability I reckon.

    Regardless of weight it can't be compared to a CC which has far more XC orientated geo.
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    In my opinion dipper makes an excellent point there - why build a 6" travel bike up if your going to build it with so many mega light components that the bikes ability to be ridden over the terrain it's designed for is compromised?

    The frame my be able to handle the terrain but your bike handles like crap because your big tyres keep rolling about on the skinny rims, you've fried your little brakes, pinch flatted your super light tyres, dinged your rims, buckled the wheels, and when you lay the bike down on the rocks scratched the carbon bars so they need replaced before the next ride.

    Actually... build what you want... this is not a police state... I'm sure it will be fun to build and comfortable to ride along canal tow paths... but if you build a bike like this I'll be one of the riders screaming past you on a 15 year old retro hardtail laughing as you walk your precious bike through the rocks

    *pinch of salt*

    Building bikes like these are always a compromise. A choice needs to be made, do you want the bike to climb well or descend well?
    It seems silly to compromise the climbing ability to get a better descending frame... and then compromise it's descending with a light build - you end up with a bike thats not really good at either

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    Agree, all good discussion, if the AM is going to be a solid good all round build to utilize its abilities and is 32 lbs, I will take my Helius FR, that can take a beating and still comes back smiling and saying give it to me again.....
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    Some very good and valid points being raised there messiah. Personally I would never buy a heavyish, long travel frame then spec it with light components. My FR will always be coil / coil and ride on strong rims with heavy tubeless FR or DH tyres. Over the years I've tried in vain to make my "big" bikes lighter but I've always gone back to tried and tested heavyweight stuff.

    Edit: Whafe - that's pretty much how I feel about my FR.

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