• 11-23-2007
    Call me Crazy but I used to have Two M-pires
    Now I just have one..

    The first was a 2005 I got brand new and never really rode it hard, way to much money to be destroying, Hell I don't know why, maybe i'm just to old, I don't know.

    I even make my own "Idler" pulley system and the pedaling got even better (send the photos to Karl and everything).

    all made of Old bicycle parts, Snntour roller cam brake arms, bulleye pulley, etc

    She was kind of famous for some time, but not do to my riding skills but the way I transporter them every where I go with pictures on Mountain bike action, some other german magazine and a bunch of internet downhill forums.

    Then My friend Gregg call me one day and tells me he is going to sell his M-pire (2004) and being the Dummy that I'm, I end up with the thing.

    Sadlly the "dogbones" that connect the swing arm to the rocker plates disintegrate and damage one of the swing arm mounts pretty bad.

    The broken pieces.

    Acording to Nicolai USA and also Karl, all the owners of the 2004 got a retrofit kit so this "was not suppose to Happen", Kind of funny since before Gregg the bike use to be race by a Nicolai team member..

    By now it does not matter, but I took Nicolai 7 months to send me the updated parts ("They need to make more") and then the Kit did not even come complete, No biggy I made the missing pieces on the latte, purchase the new bearings and presto.

    Anyway since the bike frame finish was kind of Fugly I give her a "Beauty bath" yes a very expensive bath.

    Military Hard anodize the frame, after doing a shoot pinned tumble treatment, to keep the structural integrity all done by Certified military contractors.

    Then My friend Dan at Dougco in Oakland california made me a "Bro-deal" i was unable to refuse.

    He took all the small CNC parts and give them a "Dry Nut Shell" polishing treatment, the same he use to provide for Rock shox's in the good old days.

    Anyway The bike look amazing.

    And since It did not cost me that Much, now I feel like I can Trash the Living h^ll out of it.

    This bikes are amazing, The people that represent them, well I'm not so sure.
  • 11-25-2007
    patineto. Great thread and pictures, certainly has some history those frames. And yep the transport method was familiar to me, remember seeing that at some stage.

    The parts look cool in red...

    Be cool to see some action shots of you caneing it....
  • 11-27-2007
    Lovin' the rebuild!

    Get us some action pics.