Tourne Park Re-route and strewn branches-
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    Tourne Park Re-route and strewn branches

    I went to Tourne yesterday and noticed a suspicious amount of moderate sized branches placed in small groups near the red trail, easy to get over, but small enough to perhaps roll under with your tire and cause a spill. At first I thought they were explicitly placed by someone trying to screw over mountain bikers and started removing them. Eventually some hiker told me they were to signify not to go on that section of the red trail that has a fairly sheer incline/decline which drains poorly and that it was re-routed. I also found another mountain biker who I also asked and he confirmed that. A second mountain biker was equally clueless.

    Far as I could see, no sign indicated news or information about that re-route. Searching the web brought up this old thread:

    Is that the standard way to inform people of re-routes? By placing branches down in the path of the trail? Surely there has to be a better way.

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    If built properly, you would have been led onto the reroute by the way it was integrated into the old trail. Yes covering the old trail with branches is the standard way to close off the old trail section. Once you found the reroute I hope you had a good ride!

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