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    Which Santa Cruz would work best for NY/NJ terrain?

    I am looking to purchase a full suspension bike in the next couple of months. I'm leaning towards Santa Cruz because of all the great reviews. My problem is I'm not sure which one would work best for the local trails. I will be riding single track on Long Island most of the time. I also plan on making frequent trips to Mountain Creek and Whyndam bike parks. Which model would work best? Thanks.

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    I'd go with a Santa Cruz Nomad (although it is probably overkill for LI and conversely a blast at Wyndham and Creek). One bike for contrasting terrain is always a catch 22.

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    Interested to hear feedback on this thread...

    I'm looking at looking at purchasing a FS in the next couple of weeks and Santa Cruz is my top choice. I ride Stillwell out on LI when visiting the in-laws, but I primarily ride in Jersey. Haven't hit Mountain Creek yet.

    I was interested in the 5010 or Tallboy LT.

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    You'll at least want a bike that can handle Creek. General thought being you want the beefiest trail-worthy bike possible so it doesn't die on lift-service stuff. The Nomad would work, (though best on flowier trails however, as you'd take a beating on the gnar) but as previously said, would be way overkill for LI stuff.

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    You can also take a look at the Bronson or the Tallboy LT.

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    To both of the interesting parties...

    A downhill bike for Wyndham and Mountain Creek would be ideal. Santa Cruz V10.

    But if you ride Long Island that is pretty much XC trails without a lot of vertical change. So, you've got almost the opposite extreme. Maybe a Tallboy.

    You kind of have to ask yourself what you are really going to do. If you are mostly going to ride XC, but may ride Wyndham once or twice a year, you could get a nice XC bike and rent a downhill bomber at the slope.

    If you feel you are going to be 50/50 and want a "jack of all trades", maybe you might consider Tallboy LT (29") or Bronson (27.5") like mentioned above. More travel and slacker for the downhill, but not as extreme as a full out DH bike.

    That my 2 cents.

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    A little late, but if your still looking.

    I live on LI and ride a Tallboy 29" here.

    Recently I sold older Heckler that I used off Island. Ringwood, Blue Mt.(NY) etc....

    Picked up 5010 a month ago to take its place. Awesome. 125mm travel is perfect and 27.5 wheels. Climbs like a goat and rails the downhill sections.

    Since you live in NJ I would think the 5010 or perhaps one of the others mentioned, would be a better fit. Any would work just fine for the Island if your only here occasionally.

    Regarding DH (The Creek), rent or save up and get a 8" or more DH specific. Creek sells their rental fleet at end of season usually.

    Good Luck.


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    Unless you have the $$$$ for two bikes, I would recommend buying a bike that works for your cross country rides and rent a dh bike at the bike park, or as mentioned above you could consider used. Sorry to be the devil's advocate here but I'm not going to ballshirt you, to get the most enjoyment out of Mountaincreek, plattekill and windham you will want a real dh rig. The majority of the trails are very rocky, frequently steep, with sizeable jumps and drops, no way would I bring my all mountain bike there. On my dh bikes I've broken rims, shocks, pedals, cranks, worn countless tires, not to mention complete bikes. Anything less than the real deal will hold you back and you will quickly destroy it.
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    My girl has an older Heckler with a fox float shock and for long island it is perfect. Only issue is the bike is not light.

    I have used it from time to time and I like it better than my spider 2
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    I recently gave in and switched from an ancient cannondale hartail to a less-ancient used Blur carbon for riding in mostly Putnam /dutchess counties. I've found it to be a good mix of suspension & still low weight for the the rocky cc trails in ny, although I'm sure more travel would be helpful at times.

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