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    Help a Newbie

    Sorry to butt in, but I'm new to this and I can't seem to start a new thread.

    My son (18 yo) and I are new to mountain biking, have been going the last few weeks (just using our bikes which are mostly made for road riding (his is a cheap mtn bike, mine a hybrid). Want to rent bikes for a few weeks to make sure he's going to stay interested before I take the plunge and buy bikes. Any idea where I can get good, not too expensive, rentals over the weekend? Thx.

    Also, can you recommend go trails around here. We tried Lewis Morris and were pretty disappointed, Stewart Airport and Camp Orange in NY were good, but hoping we can get something closer to home. Thx.

    Mark W

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    Renting real bikes can get pretty expensive, just so you know what you are getting in to. You may also have trouble finding places that rent mountain bikes, as they tend to get dinged up, and that would affect the shop's overhead.

    Jay's Cycle Center in Westfield rents road bikes for sure, you can call and see if they also rent mtbs. I seem to remember that Kopp's in Princeton, if you are up for a drive, used to rent out bikes, but I can't find any information on their site. Good luck with trying to find a place to rent from.

    I can't speak for trails in northern NJ, but there are trail reviews on this site you could check out. I know for a fact that all 'off road' trails in Essex County prohibit mountain biking.

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    Check out Wawayanda State Park. There is a reasonable map that will get you started on the Jorba website: Wawayanda State Park | JORBA - You Dig? (page down for map). There are lots of trails not shown on the map too.

    As for rentals...I can't help you there.

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    I think REI in Paramus rents bikes.

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    Effinger sporting goods in bound brook has decent rental deals on very nice bikes and there is chimney rock park in Martinsville and if you want more xc single track good for all skill levels 6 mile run is awesome and is 15 min from effingers. also i would be happy to be your tour guide let me know . [email protected],com

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    Welcome to the site

    If I were you I would definitely give Ringwood State Park a try, infact I would put it on your must ride list. Park in lot C and you are set for the day, mostly technical trails but there are also plenty of fireroads to make your way around. It is fairly easy to get lost but there is Thunder Mountain (a shooting range within the park) which can guide you back if you listen for the gun shots. As mentioned earlier I would also check out Waywayanda State Park, I have never personally been there but hear nothing but good things.

    As for renting bikes, I THINK there are a few bike shops near Diablo Freeride Park in Vernon that rent bikes, although I don't know if they only do day rentals for the park.

    Ringwood also has a map that is pretty good:

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    I'm not familiar with those shops that rent MTB's, so I can't really help with that. Sorry.
    Question: What didn't you like about Lewis Morris? This could help in leading you towards the trails more to your liking/style of riding.

    Some of the more technical trails suggested here are VERY fun, but may be a bit much for someone just starting out. I would hate for you/your son to become frustrated with the technical side and give up without exploring other trails.

    Not sure where you live, but I'm in the NW corner of the state and have the Allamuchy State Park system in my backyard. Albeit a bit biased, I feel Deer Park and or Kittatinny State Park are great trail systems for new riders. Deer Park is tends to be less technical (rocks ), but has a few climbs and nice single track . Kittatinny tends to have less climbs, but has a few trails that are littered with rocks.

    Again, either would be great for new riders, but would require a real MTB though.

    Good luck and have FUN!!
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