Starting in 1990 and thru 1999 I was fortunate to spend parts of May, all of June and July and part of August in Santa Fe, while my wife worked at the Opera.

During that time I mt. biked (and road) all over the region. In addition to Aspen Vista, Winsor, South Boundary, Hermosa Creek up in CO., I daily rode La Tierra before it was "found", they were just starting Dale Ball (it was a mile or so).

The trails that seemingly have disappeared and that I was on quite often:

- Lamy Single Track. Fun out and back, seems to be paved all the way now ?, no more ST ?.

- Atalaya Arroyo, a part ST/part sandy arroyo trace that went off the lot at St Johns and out to Wilderness gate and beyond. Still there ?.

- Did anything ever get developed (ST) out on the Caja Del Rio ?, there was talk of building some single track, all I ever rode was the many dirt roads, FR24 comes to mind.

Glorietta Mesa had no trails as far as I recall. I rode the early Foothills and Cedro Peaks al were awesome. Seems ya'll have so much additional these days.