Trees down on Challenge Trail-
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    Trees down on Challenge Trail

    A friend and myself shuttled Sandia today. As part of our ride we rode down Challenge Trail. Once you take the right down the more technical trail vs the official one, there are about a dozen fairly large diameter downed trees across the trail. They are definitely chainsaw sized trees. If anyone has a chainsaw and the time, it is in much need because me and my pruning saw aren't going to get very far. Especially since this trail isn't maintained by the Forest Service.

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    Mad props and thank you for your effort! Talk about getting some exercise, haha.

    I will be out of town this coming weekend, however I am going to try and go back out the following weekend and get the ones I can with my folding saw.

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    What day were you on KOM? I rode it on Wednesday, it was in bad shape. Must of hit 20 downed trees myself.
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    Seriously, thank you for your effort!

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    My assumption is that "nomit" works for the ski area. They hold the permit and are responsible for management (including clearing) of KOM and Golden Eagle as they are not official USFS trails (although we like to see them maintained as they are part of the system up there). As folks may have noticed, the ski area folks are a little busy with the High Finance tear-down/rebuild and have decided not to hold summer operations. However, after a call to the mountain manager last week, I was informed they'd be clearing the trails so I'm hoping that's what's going on.

    As for Challenge, it's on our list and we're trying to get there among other #1 priorities. That being said, understandably we're full into summer and folks (including me) would like to cease picking my bike over tree after tree.

    So, just to be clear, you are not permitted to just go out and clear trails without consent of the USFS Forest Service, period. I'll skip the legal discussion (unless you really want to hear it) but you are only permitted to work on trails if you are an official volunteer or have a special use permit, or you're a contractor. Obviously this doesn't get the trail cleared as fast as you'd like. Want to help? I'd be happy to sign you up, certify you and even furnish the saw, gas, bar oil, etc, etc.

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    There are also about 10-15 trees down on North Crest. Not huge ones, but they're all tangled.

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