For those of you who don't want to read a lengthy post, here's the summary: unless you like continual rock surfing up and down with very steep ups, hike-a-bike, and no drops, jumps, features of any sort, don't bother.

Now for the longer version...

One of my riding buddies takes a trip to Cloudcroft with his family every summer, and this year he invited another friend and I to come down and ride. Buddy #1 was intent on riding the entire Rim Trail. Riding from north to south and starting at Slide Campground we estimated that the entire route to the Sacramento River trailhead would be about 32 miles, and we were guestimating 3,000 to 4,000 feet of climbing.

The ride starts off innocently enough with about one mile of easy ups and downs followed by the most fun section, which is about 2 miles of mostly descending but nothing to write home about on the fun scale. Then the torture begins.

The rest of the ride is rocky, featureless climbing and descending with very steep and long climbs and pretty much zero rewards for the climbing.

If you are a pure XC-riding masochist, then you might think this a great trail, but I believe most of the riders I know from this forum would hate it.

All 3 of us ran out of water and food and were near the ends of our ropes after 30 miles. We actually bailed out at FR 90 and skipped the last 2.8 miles of the trail.

Altogether we were on our bikes for exactly 8 hours, 30.5 miles, and 4,800 feet of no-fun climbing.

Feel free to post a dissenting opinion, but this is one I won't be riding again.

As a contrast, we rode the Grindstone Lake system in Ruidoso the day before and had a pretty good time.

Thanks for checking in.