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    Is it just me or do others find it extremely annoying when people recreating on public lands play music such that others nearby can also hear their music? It seems I encounter it most on the Winsor trail in the Santa Fe area.

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    Why would you live in a metropolitan location if you dislike other people's habits? Just wondering... seems like a setup for major stress related health problems. Moving farther away from it all is the move I would bust.
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    It used to bother me, but now it doesn't. If they're out riding and having fun, I'll call out a "what's up?" and go on my separate way. I would rather they listen to tunes on a Bluetooth rattle can than with earphones that leave them truly oblivious to the other trail users around them. Personally though, I prefer the sound of rolling treads and my own labored breathing when I'm out riding.

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    I'd rather encounter someone listening to music than the grumpy old white-beard hikers who say things like "technology will kill us all!" when they see a bicyclist ~ to which I responded "some people it already has." I didn't have music playing, he was clearly upset about seeing someone with a bike on a multi-use trail that runs aside a wilderness area.

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