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    Los Alamos Rides Thread

    I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. Los Alamos has some great trails but it can be confusing to link them up. So here's a few, and I'll add more later. All rides start at Sullivan Field parking lot (North-West corner of Diamond and Trinity):

    Easy-Intermediate Rides:
    Small Town Tour: A short ride around town on the most popular trails. Generally an easy ride, minus a few sections on "Off Camber", the trail that follows North Road (you can bypass this section). Off Camber, Perimeter, Walnut Canyon Rim, and Bridges. (8.4 miles, 883ft of climbing)

    Traverse: I screwed up on this one and started the GPS too late. Ride from Sullivan Field parking lot to the starting point. A nice tour of the Traverse trail that is south of LA. For this ride we hit two smaller, less-known trails that take you out on some of the canyon rims. These trails are not ridden often and can be hard to spot at first. They can be bypassed. (~12 miles, 1300ft. of climbing)

    Intermediate Rides:
    Water Canyon: A fun ride out south of LA. The ride takes you on the Traverse trail, up American Springs road, and down Water Canyon (a fast, loose, and sometimes flowy trail in a beautiful canyon). Finish out the ride on the other half of Traverse. (13.1 miles, 1800ft climbing)

    Technical-Technical-Technical: A great tour of Los Alamos on the most technical in-town trails we have. Start on Technical Perimeter, then off to Perimeter downhill, Walnut Canyon rim trail, Pueblo School Rim (some exposure), and finish up on Technical Bridges (can be easily skipped). (12.5mi, 1800ft climbing)

    I'll edit this thread to add more as they come along.
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