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    Rules of the road

    I was driving to work tonight and when i got to the LV strip I noticed a huge group of bike riders riding down the road. At first i was thinking, "hey this is cool!" but as I neared an intersection and the light turned for me to proceed in my vehicle the bikers decided that the rules of the road dont apply to them. They continued through the red light and as traffic tried to get where it was going these idiots tried to clog up as much traffic as possible. At one point I was almost forced into another lane by bikers coming at the side of my vehicle. If I had to choose between hitting another car and letting the biker run into me the biker would not have been happy.
    What is it with guys? I know there is alot of people here for interbike and plenty of industry people as well. The rules of the road dont apply when they are in vegas?? What about being responsible riders so that we dont piss off citizens that already hate road riders as it is? I mean really, i was totally ticked. Can you imagine how the average person feels that doesnt give a damn about bikers rights?
    Maybe next year the organizers of this event might want to consider working with the city to close a lane or set up cones or something the way most events do it. Vegas isnt just a playground for the idiots, some of us work and live here with our families.

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    Do I need a pass to ride this trail?

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    Sounds like some sort of Critical Mass type of event.

    They did a similar "corked" ride in Salt Lake City, during the Outdoor Retailers convention in August. I tend to think they do more harm than good.
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    Right on the money Shawn. I saw exactly the same thing yesterday afternoon as I was driving to my office. A bunch of roadies taking up a whole lane (which they are legally allowed to do, I get that part), and as the first of the bunch got to the intersection, the light turned red, but they all decided to roll right on through. Cars honking etc. I was going the opposite direction so it didn't effect me, but there were some ticked off people. How do we get the message to the Interbike folks and let them get the word out.
    If it's a Critical Mass type thing, which I don't think it really was as these all looked like real roadies (nice bikes, jerseys, lycra etc), not a bunch of hippies on bikes, it does way more to hurt their cause and biking in general, than it helps. A bunch of idiots!

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    These guys make it bad for us with the disrespect they cause.

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    Stick roadies!!!!!

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