Is it worth to upgrade Fantom 29 X7 instead of X5-
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    Is it worth to upgrade Fantom 29 X7 instead of X5

    Hey guys,

    i cant really decide if its worth the upgrade.

    the difference 200usd, and its
    .) X7 vs X5
    .) Tora vs Rock Shox XC
    .) Elixir 1 vs Auriga Comp

    the x7 parts are obv the better ones, but X5 and Fork are both completely new designed for 2012, so they shouldn't be "too bad"

    i am mostly XC riding, prefer going uphill over downhill and will also spend some time on the road for endurance training. 10h+/week are the norm.

    problem is, i will most probable need to sell it after 1 year for basically a penny. where i currently live there is no market for those bikes (cant afford them). it will be to expensive to send somewhere else (and keep it).

    on the hand, its 200bucks

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    Totally worthy of the upgrade IMHO.

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    The fork and brakes alone are worth the extra $200. If you are worried about resale value, just keep in mind that if you part it out you will get much more money for the higher end parts. Motos are worth way more in parts than they are as complete bikes.
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    Definitely worth the upgrade, the fork alone is going to be way, way better. Just bought a Fantom 29Pro, can't wait for it to arrive!

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    thanks guys, i was tending to the x7 also, i just hoped i could save some bucks, altough i didn't really expect to get those replies.

    good that i didn't include if its worth upgrading for further 200usd to the X9 model (+x9 +reba +elixir3)

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    I had x5 on my cobia, upgraded to x7. It is so much nicer. I feel it is worth the extra $200 if your going to do it.
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    X7 for sure! X5 drivetrain isn't worth wasting time on and neither are those Tektro brakes. The 28mm stanchions will flex horribly on a 29er, so 32m on the Recon it is!

    Why would you have to sell it after a year?

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