• 02-11-2013
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    WINTER Wonderland / dawes HAYMAKER 2900
    Hey gang.. Got back not too long ago from the maiden voyage for the dawes 29er. A wintry Feb. 09.2013
    Temps in the mid to upper 20s, winds N, 15-20 Partial clouds, sun peeks. Recent snow fall left the landscape clean and surreal..
    Beautiful Wisconsin winter cycling.,, Good for the soul.

    The dawes HM2900 while a work in progress, is progressing quite nicely. The parts upgrades trimmed some weight off 33# outa box- (18") bike for sure, but that aint all the swap did to turn this once seemingly able, albeit heavy bike into a proving to be very agile, very responsive, fast, fun... dirt machine!

    My choice of parts needing or benefiting from upgrades partially hinged on what I had in my personal schwag, parts inventory. Being involved in cycling on diverse fronts; first of which is a replanted early/mid '90s mountain biker - soon to be pseudo roady toad, to being an able part time wrench... Like the vast majority of forum members here, I love bikes!
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    FRAME: 6061 aluminum. Hydoformed box head tube to seat tube, multishaped tubing with very clean and ample-solid looking welds throughout. This is a very stiff but somehow compliant feeling frame .. add to that the Salsa cromoto Grande fork. Sweet compliant, beefy resiliency. I have very high expectations for this Salsa fork in the rough stuff this spring!
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    The parts upgrades, were for me no nonsense, common sense tried and true picks. Look, I am hanging on 230# @5' 10". I am a fairly strong rider so I cant justify the sticker shock of the pretty - bling, bling nifty weight conscious bits when the tried and true is all you need to do!

    The cockpit picks consisted of sturdy, well made Easton bar & stem and FSA seatpost with the stock WTB same old saddle.

    Being that my budget dictates a lifestyle that consists of a lot of do it yourself abilities. The proverbial "Jack of all trades...." However,
    I cant stress enough my love for all things bicycles! Building, working a bicycle and making it run are far more than a means of obtaining spare change. It truly is something I am very passionate about. Whether I am building a winter project or doing a spring tune up I am meticulous down to minute detailus. With more than just a few frame up builds and countless repair / restos you sort of develop a sense of what will work and what may not...depending... This bike had 'that' presence about it out-of-box. Built as packaged, the bike may work... but the raw potential for upgrade as you go and bare frame build ups, is pretty cool!
    For the newb rider. . The bike in stock form seems a solid buy when you consider what you are getting for a small outlay. Keeping in mind that the HM2900 is near the entry level for 29er offroad intended bikes, it has a lot to offer down the trail when stuff wears out.

    I was very pleased with the get up n' go snap this frame has. The bike should love the dirty stuff!Attachment 770996

    This bike just furthers my love of bikesdirect dot com and bike island where I purchased the dawes.
    For $350 (bikeisland dot com) =$50 off due to small dings on inside rear drops and repackaged. I got all and more than I expected.
    This makes my third purchase of a BD bicycle in about as many months. Each transaction has been flawless and both BD and BI are excellent after the sale. There are those who still don't "get" bikesdirect and what they do and how they do it and why they do it.. From what I have seen thus far in tear downs and rebuilds of these bikes ( I own 3 and have all of the down to bare frame and back) the BD frames look as good or better than frames on some bikes costing sometimes double. Long term durability is yet unknown. I will try to get to reviews on all three of my new rides soon.
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    6061 hydroformed, box section h/t, multishape 29ER Frameset. (18")
    Salsa cromoto Grande rigid 29er fork, VP threadless headset.
    Easton flat 6 sweep 31.8 bar, Easton 105 x 6 stem, Specialized bar ends, FSA 280 27.2 seatpost (not pictured)
    Shimano drive bits; Deore rear derailleur, Alivio front derailleur
    Alivio Rapid Fire shifters (24 sp.)
    Avid levers. *still trying to burn in the Tektro Novela discs*
    subject to change
    WTB speed v saddle - OEM
    WTB speed disc all mountain 29er wheels laced to Formula hubs
    GEAX Saguaro 2.2 x 29 folding bead tires
    POWER GRIPS pedal straps / stock pedals.
    I plan to replace the flexi stock SR Suntour crank for an Alivio very soon.

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  • 02-13-2013
    Love it! Looks great!
  • 02-14-2013
    Re: WINTER Wonderland / dawes HAYMAKER 2900
    Oops.. didnt mean to make this post.
  • 02-14-2013
    Re: WINTER Wonderland / dawes HAYMAKER 2900
    Thanks.. In the process of swapping out cassettes, front derailleur and I'm gonna hold out on ditching the Tektro Novela binders and see what, if anything can be done to improve their performance.
    But this bike ... love it!

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  • 12-30-2014
    I love that you add photos to your reviews!