• 04-29-2008
    Will a moto fantom 29er do well with drops...
    Will a moto fantom 29er do well with drops and some mild jumping? I really like the 29er idea, but im on a pretty limited budget, so it seems like a good fit. Will it take the abuse of some 5-8 foot drops or am i wasting my money with this? Im also looking at some iron horses which seem like some pretty sturdy bikes. Thanks for any input.
  • 04-30-2008
    It might be okay but you are running a risk doing it. I probably wouldn't do it. I take my Fantom Comp DS off a couple 3 ft drops and thats about the most I will do.
  • 04-30-2008
    It probably will be okay. But keep in mind that it is set up as a XC bike, which in general you don't want to be jumping with. And if you break something they probably won't honor the warranty. I know a lot of big name companies will replace stuff a lot of times even if you broke it, but at the price these bikes sell for I wouldn't expect that. I don't ride a 29er, so I guess you would have to check with 29er riders, but it seems to me that the wheels would be laterally weaker than 26" wheels so I would be afraid of tacoing them.