I was on the market for better road bikes for my wife and me and looked through various local dealers. I happened to stumble upon the Bike Shop in Orlando, FL that is well run by Chad and Frank. I was headed down the path of a name brand bike and Chad's comment stopped me cold, "You're paying for the name." I could not get that out of my head.

Chad indicated that the Orlando, FL Bike Shop carries Motobecane and I could get a fuller idea of what they carry by going to the Bikes Direct website. Anything on that site can be purchased and shipped to the Bike Shop.

I couldn't believe the prices. Since I only ride on the road, I ended up getting a Motobecane Cafe Century Pro. It is a Carbon Fiber bike (16.5 pounds without pedals) for only $1400. You simply cannot beat that! Try to get a Carbon Fiber bike in a name brand and see how much it costs.

Is there a downside? Yes. I had to wait 5 months before I took shipment of the bike but the wait was well worth it. It's really nice riding a bike that's only 16.5 pounds. What a treat. The shifters and brakes are excellent as well.

I did have a little trouble with my bike at first because the liner had an imperfection and was causing the tire inner-tube to get a flat. Chad/Frank very quickly responded the issue and rectified. In addition, they also recommended the Tuffy liner which I now use to keep from any kind of flat. Great suggestion!

I've the had for over a year now and there is no issues whatsoever. It's a primo bike and the little I paid makes me love it even more. You simply can NOT beat the Motobecane price.

How much do I love my bike? After a couple months, I ordered another for my wife. We both have black Cafe Century Pros. She just loves her bike as well! She only had to wait 4 months for her bike.

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping deal on a Carbon Fiber bike that holds up well, I direct you to Motobecane and if you can manage it, I further direct you to the excellent Bike Shop located in Orlando, FL for the sale and service of Motobecane. You'll be in great hands with Chad and Frank who will do a great job taking care of you.

Highly recommended!