Tora 318 Air pressure?

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  • 08-22-2008
    Tora 318 Air pressure?
    I'm a complete beginner and recently purchased a new bike with a TORA 318 fork. My weight is 260 lbs. So how much (air/psi.) should i put in there? I just want to make sure that i don't damage it by over inflating it.
  • 08-22-2008
    I'd start about 200lbs and see how much sag that gives you.
  • 08-22-2008
    It's printed on the left leg (non-drive side) of the is what is says:

    Rider Weight Tora Solo Air
    < 140 (63kg) 80-100psi
    140 - 160 (63-72 kg) 100-120psi
    160 - 180 (72-81 kg) 120-140psi
    180 - 200 (81-90 kg) 140-160psi
    >220 (99 kg) 180+psi

    I'm 215lbs (about 220ish with pack) and I run 160psi with a lot of compression dampening
  • 08-22-2008
    275 here, 200psi gives me the recommended 25mm (for a 100mm travel fork) of sag. Put a zip-tie on the slider and ride your hardest stuff...if the zip-tie slides all the way up, your bottoming...add a little more air.