Thinking about a 400HT-
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    Thinking about a 400HT

    I recently sold my Gary Fisher Wahoo for $200 on CL due to sizing issues. My parents got it for me when I was in Jr high thinking I would grow. Problem is that almost a decade later, I grew a whopping total of one inch, leaving me at a height of 5'7"

    Anyways, I'm not super into MTB, just want a bike so I can do a little of off-roading and some single-track trails around here that my road bike obviously won't handle. I don't plan on buying SPD pedals and shoes like I did with my road bike. I just want it for semi-casual usage (a few times a month).

    Anyways, I have a BD Dawes 2300 bike I got last year and learned how to set it up properly and tune it and think I got a great value for my $$.

    I'm thinking of getting the Motobecane 400HT as for the price, it seems hard to beat. I kind of wish it had the Alivio shifters, but I don't really want to spend another $50-60 on a bike to get them. Not that important I guess. Thoughts?

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    I was initially considering the 400HT as an alternative to the Costco Northrock XC6. But if you can swing another $20, the better rear derrailleur on the 500HT looks to be an even better value, IMHO.

    Both look to still be available. Depends how much you might like or dislike yellow!

    Good luck!

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    I think the 400HT is a good value in light of you mentioning the lack of price flexibility. I would also keep an eye peeled to CL if you aren't in a super hurry to get one.
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    I bought a 400HT a few weeks ago to replace a 07 Trek 4300 that I traded away. I'm not disappointed one bit. I found it every bit equal to the 4300 at less than 1/2 the price. My long term plan is to convert this one to a single speed. I always like to keep an entry level hardtail in my stable for several reasons.
    The Alivio rear is fine. I rode one for years with zero problems. Is it worth it to spend the extra $20 for the Deore rear on the 500HT ? Maybe... its only $20 more and thats about all the difference you would notice.
    For me the Yellow color was a turn off on the 500HT.
    I agree about the Shifters on the 400, not my cup of tea either but I have used them in the past. They do work well very well if adjusted properly. Mine are very crisp and responsive.
    For $329 it is one heck of a nice bike and after owning several 4 series Treks, I can holds it own.
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