• 01-24-2011
    Is there much demand for motobecane frames?
    I bought a Fantom DS Pro about 6 mos ago, was a little big for me and I just wasn't too excited about the bike in general. I recently picked up a Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC50 frame online for $750. I have loved RM bikes for as long as I can remember just never could afford the hefty price tags. Anyway...I had my LBS swap over all the components from the DS Pro. I ended up w/ a 28lb VERY well appointed 2010 Slayer for a grand total of $2500, when you factor in the price of the motobecane. I think I saved a good grand or so by going this route. Swapping frames was never the plan but I just couldn't pass up that deal.

    Now...I'm sitting on a 18" DS Pro frame that's been ridden once. Is there much demand for these frames? I'm looking to unload it for a very very fair/steal of a price. I'd be happy to get $200 out of it. Ebay, classifieds or...???

    Any suggestions??
  • 01-26-2011
    I will take the overwhelming non response to mean no...not so much in demand
  • 01-29-2011
    With some sales skills, you can sell turd. Don't worry about the demand, IMO. I think demand is only something worth worrying about when dealing with mass market resale.

    I'd say to just assume that it has virtually no demand and try to sell it how you were sold on it. Feature the component specs, full suspension, value, etc. and compare to old bikes with similar builds, then direct them to customer reviews/testimonials if they are worried about the frame's reputation.
  • 01-29-2011
    Put it on Ebay someone will buy it.
  • 01-30-2011
    Glide the Clyde
    Send me the frame and $500. Just think, you still will have saved about $500.
  • 05-10-2011
    Is your frame still available? I've been looking for an 18in DS for awhile now. Very interested.