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    Tall and fs 29er?

    Anyone 6'5 and riding a fs 29er from bd? Curious why there is no xl or is large decently big. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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    There is no XL because XL is not a very popular size. With most "big brand" bikes you will always see massive discounts on XS and XL bikes at the end of each season because these sizes are hard to move. In general BD only builds bikes that fit the average rider. It ensures they don't get stuck with bikes that do not sell, and ultimately keeps prices down.
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    Thanks for the reply. That's what I figured. It def makes sense as a business decision. Have a good one!

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    I am 6'5 as well...have you ridden a FS 29er? I am curious...ive only briefly ridden a Giant Trance X4 in XL..I have talked to some that are trying to steer me away from 29ers due to wheel rigidity issues...The kind of riding that I will be able to do with 2 young kids at home is mostly road and light trails and HOPEFULLY like once a month making the drive into the mountains for some fun legit trail riding....

    I cant decide if the cost of the FS 29 would be lost on me ..rather getting the HT 29 with better components... out of curiosity do you plan on doing more XC or more AM riding?

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