• 09-10-2013
    Small Frame = No H20 Bracket, Solution?
    So the Small frames from Motobecane doesn't have the bolts for water or portable tire pump. Is there a solution to this?
  • 09-10-2013
    There's a couple of options. You can drill the frame and fit some water bottle bosses where you like or use some water bottle clamps. You can also get water bottle cages that fit on your seatpost or that replace your headset top-cap.
  • 09-10-2013
    Buy a Camelbak. ;)
  • 09-10-2013
    Or if you have the space you can use a "Riv-nut" tool to make your own bosses.

    The tool basically works the same as a pop rivet gun, but in this case deform this little element to make it into a captive nut.

    In fact you can even still the riv-nut (the aluminum versions at least) with a bolt and a nut...
  • 09-11-2013
    I agree with the Camelback comment, or you can get the roadie water bottle mount that goes on the seatpost. I resisted buying a camelback for years, but after buying one, I would never go back to water bottles.
    As far as the pump mounting, I used to mount mine to the seatpost with zip ties; worked fine.
    I don't think I would drill the frame, as that will void any warranty.

    Zip ties are your friend.
  • 09-14-2013
    on seatpost like TT bikes
  • 09-20-2013
    I don't understand the concept of putting any unnecessary weight on a mtn bike, be it pump, tools, or water. Get it all off and have an easier bike to throw around, and use a camel back. People spend tons of money and effort to shave a few grams off their bike, then toss on a pound of water?

    To each their own . . . .
  • 09-26-2013
    Camelback is the way to go. The more you ride, the more stuff that breaks, makes for wanting to carry more stuff. If not for yourself but for your buddies so you don't leave anybody behind. Broke my chain and didn't have a replacement link. Dude on the trail passing me had one and paid it forward. I threw one in my bag, and two rides later my buddie broke his chain. Irony? Then you go McGyver and start carrying duct tape, zip ties, Eric, and all of a sudden you need a camelback. Lol. Camel back it all.