Rock Shox Gate Adjustments-
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    Rock Shox Gate Adjustments

    I asked what a gate is on another forum and this is the answer I recieved, It seems to work using this setup on the Rock Shox Reba Race (well kind of the same set up, but I had to adapt it for my weitht and mine only turns 3 full turns??) and rear 4.2 Monarch Rock Shox, I didn't think they did anything before trying this set up, so it is an improvement, I'll try it out on the trail tomorrow..
    This info is about the RS Forks, I set the Monarch rear shock the same way, 3 revolutions is all I could get out of the shock or fork so I just tried to set it up the best I could and went for a heavy setting, I weigh 220 with gear on. Both shocks were stiffer with the gate ingaged, I'll try it on the trail and work with a settings that works for me. I'm a little confused now, I wish Bikers Direct would include the adjustment info with the bikes. Good Luck

    "Gate" which are typically on some of the higher-end RockShox forks is an adjustable system that "blows-off" when a fork is in the locked out state to take a hit. It is supposedly similar to the "Bump-Threshold" or "Terra-logic" system on the RLC/RLT Fox fork systems.

    The main difference is the amount of Gate +/- setting you have also dictates the lockout stiffness as well unlike the Fox system which stays at the same stiffness on any sensitivity setting which only controls how hard of an impact would "blow-off" the lock out.

    Most will argue that the Terra-logic/Bump-threshold system on Fox Forx are a better system than the RS Gate system but that mostly depends on the rider and the types of rides they do.

    If you have a RS fork with a Gate +/- control, the only way to adjust is to lock out the fork, turn the knob clockwise until it doesn't turn anymore and then according to your weight turn it counter-clockwise. At about 170 lbs. I have my Gate setting at exactly 2 counter revolutions on the Gate knob which is recommended (for my weight, 2-3 revs were recommended)

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    You have the right forum? Better to ask in Forks and Shocks.

    I'm a noob and I only have a Reba, but this is what I understand:

    Gate setting controls oil flow for compression and provides small bump sensitivity tuning. What you're doing is fine tuning the position of tube with a pattern of holes drilled into it which rotates when you turn the blue motion control knob. Depending on its position, oil flows more freely due to having more holes to flow through or less freely which makes the shock less sensitive to smaller bumps. In lock-out, only a large enough bump will force the oil to flow; the threshold size of that bump can be adjusted with gate. With motion control unlocked, gate settings seem to have no effect. You mainly adjust for lower gate as a lighter rider and higher gate as a heavier rider so lock out will prevent bobbing from heavy pedal mashing.

    Terra-logic is basically Fox's version of Motion Control and the gate adjustment is what's generally known as platform adjustment with Fox calling their system Brass mass.
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