• 09-08-2013
    Road cyclist going to start MTBing next year...advice appreciated...

    I'm currently a road cyclist riding a Motobecane Vent Noir. I was very pleased with my Moto road bike, and I'd like to branch out and utilize all the local MTB trails that NW Arkansas has to offer as well. I'm currently going back to BD again to purchase my MTB next year, so I was looking for some advice on what to buy. Since my budget for my road bike was $800, that's what I'm looking to spend this time around.

    I was looking at this one: Save up to 60% off new Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane Fantom 29PRO

    I was thinking SRAM X5 drivetrain because I won't have to take my fingers of the brakes to shift. I don't really understand much about MTB beyond that. I'm 6'2". Also, what are people's recommendation for pedals?
  • 09-08-2013
    Would probably be a good bike to break into MTB with. Check what others are riding on your local trails, because a hardtail might be uncomfortable on the rough stuff. If you aren't going to be riding very technical stuff and want to XC that will be fine. The X5 components will get the job done assuming you're not looking for the best or the lightest.

    At 6'2, notice that that bike only has 13 and 15 inch frames available at the moment, so that won't work for you.

    Pedals are a personal preference, what do you ride on your road bike?

    Keep an eye on bikeisland.com which is Bikes Direct's "scratch and dent" outlet.. some good deals to be had on there occasionally but the bikes usually have some slight defect and are of specific sizes.
  • 09-08-2013
    AS far as pedals go, they are a personal preferance thing but what I use is the Crank Bros Candy 1 and heres why. They are cheap, about $60 in Canada. They are light, about 260grams. They are easy to engage/disengage(this is where personal preferance comes in because many like the firmer grip feel of other designs.) They work well in mud. They are very easy to maintain and rebuild with rebuild kits easily available. Finally, if you want to, you can upgrade to titanium spindles via ebay for cheap. Oh and the Candy have little platforms that help if you disengage in the rough and need to re engage.
    If you are like me and are on a budget these are a no brainer. I will never go back to any other brand because these just plain work and are cheap.