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    ritchey handlebars

    i'm looking for some very light handle bars that are comfortable. i currently have the ritchey straight bars that are approx 150 grams so i'm trying to stay under that and for a decent price. looking for the best bag for the buck and light.

    Bend/Rise/Sweep??? can somebody give me a briefing on this and maybe tell me what i should be looking as far as comfort. The straight bars that come with the motobecanes are not comfortable at all going up hills!!!


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    Handlebar upgraded on a Moto Fly Team Ti 29er

    I recently replaced/upgraded my bars, stem and seatpost to FSA carbon. I don't recall the weights, but they are all lighter than the original Ritchey Pro parts. The most noticable change for me is in the handlebar. The K-force light bar is much wider at 660mm and the change in grip has definitely affected my riding style. I have to say, I did actually get to like the narrower Ritchey Pro bar after using it a while. The narrowness of the bar allowed for sharper more crisp turns. Surprisingly, I've come to think it better placed the brakes and shifters in a more comfortable, "ready" position.
    The biggest improvement the K-Force carbon handlebar has added is in hand placement going uphill. For me, the wider bar with Ergon GX3 grips allows me to better place my hands on the pads or the extensions for much improved "torque". I find that standing while climbing is more comfortable with the wider K-force bar.

    My 2cents
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