Greetings! I am a former avid mountain biker (10-20 years ago) who occasionally gets on the trails nowadays. I have been riding a rigid fork, hard-tail Ritchey Ultra for 20 years. Although I love my “vintage” mountain bike, my back no longer likes it aggressive, stretched-out geometry. I am currently looking for a decent 29er hardtail mountain bike for occasional use (100-150 miles per summer) priced up to $1500.

One bike that caught my eye is the Motobecane U.S.A. Fantom29 Comp (Save up to 60% off new Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane Fantom 29Elite). It appears to have quality components and with Motobecane U.S.A. bikes being built by Kinesis in Taiwan, I expect the build quality to be good. I am looking for feedback from owners of this model. Specifically I am looking for answer to the following questions:

How do you like it?
How “upright” is the geometry?
Has it been durable and reliable?
If you have a 17.5” size, what does it weigh?

Thanks in advance!