Questions regarding Fantom Comp DS-
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    Questions regarding Fantom Comp DS

    Hey guys,

    I'm new here. Looking for some advice about the Fantom Comp DS. I'm new to mountain biking, did a lot of BMX when I was younger. I'm transitioning from college cross country/track running and hoping to get some bike racing in at some point. I have a new job in Moab in the fall, so I'll have plenty to ride!

    I'm looking for bikes around $1000 to pretty much "do it all..." Some trails, some XC, and maybe some racing.

    I'm seriously considering the Fantom Comp DS. (Other than that, it's all hard tails). Only problem is, the stand over height for the small is listed as 75 cm, or about 29.5 inches. I'm 5' 5", and when I'm barefoot, that's my inseam... so I wouldn't have much clearance. Will this be problematic?

    Is that an issue with FS bikes? Like I said, I'm new to this. I've heard you want to have an inch of clearance.

    Any impressions of the Fantom Comp DS or other advice is greatly appreciated!

    Also, I can't test ride bikes anyways since I just tore my ACL.. so I might as well buy online (Need to buy before I move in August)

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    Hey I don't own a Moto and I'm by no means an expert, but I'll give you my two cents worth. If you think your going to race XC I think the DS is pretty heavy for that, but it may be great for riding in Moab. I've been researching bikes lately and considering this line as well. The standover height bothers me a little, I'm 6' 0" and currently ride a large Specialized Epic, which fits me great. According to BD I should get the Medium frame, but that would make the top tube length quite a bit shorter. Concerns me that the cockpit will feel a little cramped. Other things that have caught my attention are that the wheel base is significantly shorter than bikes I am comparing it too and the bottom bracket is lower.

    Specific to this model, I have read some poor reviews of the Tora shock I would spring the extra bucks for the next model up.

    On the plus side I can't find anything that comes close to Moto on Suspension/brakes/drive train components for the price, and their seems to be a whole forum full of people who love their Moto's.

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