pre-owner Boris x7 questions-
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    pre-owner Boris x7 questions

    Going to be ordering a boris x7 this week. For basically the same components as the pug it seems like a no brainer. the wheelset may be of lesser quality but for what i'll be using it for, thats ok by me.

    1. Are there any parts on this bike (drivetrain components, bottom bracket, brakes, etc) that really should be changed right away or do i just use it "as is" and replace as needed?

    2. I read somewhere that the bottom bracket (lasco) that comes with doesn't have much, if any, grease, so it needs to be opened up and re-greased. Which park tools do i need to open this up, and/or should i replace this bottom bracket, if so, what type will fit?

    3. any other special tools (besides the bottom bracket tools) that I would need? I only have allen wrenches and a pedal wrench, but i'll get what I need.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I would get the bike and ride it. But yes you could deck that thing out with better parts and stuff all over. Get yourself a nice park tool work stand if you do not have one already. That is the most important tool by far. If you want to pull the cranks to shove some grease in the bb all you should need is a large allen wrench right? And do start collecting tools to work on your bike. It will be a process that takes time. I would like a cable stretcher so when I put in new cables I don't have to adjust them for the first little bit. You should love the bike though. My brother got the Puglsy knock off and I rode it a bit. Fat bikes are fun.

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