• 09-07-2010
    Pre-ordered Ti 29er XOs selling out already
    Looks like BD is out of stock on pre-order 15.5" Fly Team 29 Ti XO 20spd and 30spd bikes.

    I placed my pre-order for a 15.5" Ti 29er on Thursday Sept 2 and got charged, but never received order confirmation nor UPS tracker number in my e-mail inbox. Worried that there might have been a problem, I e-mailed BD last night (the site said to allow 1 business day for the e-mails) and checked to see if they were still in stock in my size and that's when I surprisingly found that they were no longer available in 15.5" in 20 or 30 spd.

    Just wanted to give others a heads up if they were looking out for this. I know one other person who pre-ordered before I did and he said he got his confirmation and tracking number within 1 hour of his order. It seems 17.5" in 20 spd is still in stock though.
  • 09-07-2010
    Good to know, I hope the Fantom Teams aren't the same way. Looks like the website's stock isn't updated too often.
  • 09-08-2010
    Update on Ti 29er XO pre-order bike inventory from what I can tell:
    - 20spd 15.5" Sold Out
    - 30spd 15.5" Sold Out
    - 30spd 17.5" Sold Out

    Congrats to everyone who got in on the Ti 29er XO deals. Everything else seems to be in stock for the moment. The demand for Motobecane Ti bikes undoubtedly shows to be much greater than the supply. Jump in on the deal while you can. They weren't kidding when they say some sizes will sell out before the ship date.

    Hopefully my issue with not receiving confirmation is not a problem. BD CS contacted me saying they couldn't find my order and asked for a transaction ID. I called PayPal and they e-mailed me a full receipt including UPS tracking number and I forwarded that to BD earlier this morning. That should be confirmation enough, but I just want to hear a confirmation from BD to totally be sure that there isn't any problems. It would suck to have my payment refunded at this point and be told that they "overbooked" their pre-orders which could've been the cause of the issue with my order.