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    Possible Fly...

    Question for people in the know about the fly frames...

    I live in WV and have gotten into mountain biking quite a bit and want to upgrade current bike. Being a college kid I dont have a ton of money, but motobecane bikes look decent, definately spec'd well. Anyway, anyone who has riden the fly frames or has one, can you tell me if the frame itself would be "tough" enough for me.

    I ask this because I weigh around 200 pounds. I have heard that because the frames are really light, they are not the greatest thing for heavier riders. I dont do any crazy freeride jumps or drops or anything of the sort. But the trails here are really rocky and rough. I like the light weight aspect due to the hills here in WV but dont want to end up with a broken frame either.....

    So if anyone has any good or negatives for me let me know... thanks

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    The Fly is really a XC race frame and I don't really think I would call it durable. Especially since quite a few people have cracked them. I think you would be better off with a Fantom. The Fantom is a stronger frame, and it is still super light.
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    If you're not jumping more than a foot or two from time to time I really wouldn't worry about it. You're not going to crack a frame hitting roots and rocks with the rubber side down.

    I used to weigh about 210 (now 175) and never even had issues keeping cheap wheels true on other bikes. Lighter riders who rode crazy (but not necessarily faster) were constantly breaking things up to and including frames. A lot of it really does have to do with how you ride and how much risk you're taking with it. Just food for thought...

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