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    Out Cast 29 Review

    Ok, so I am sure that many of you have seen pictures of it on the other thread. I have had this thing built up now for about a month so I feel it is time for a little review.

    As many of you know I picked up the frame only and built it up as an SS with parts I already had on hand from my 26er.

    Frame weight = 4.8 lbs
    A little on the heavy side for an alu frame but I have had far worse. Frame came with sliding drop outs and allows it to be run as a Single Speed or geared.

    The geometry is fairly standard and works fine. I am running a shorter fork on the front which gives me almost twitchy steering (445mm) but this is largely because I did not feel like spending the extra funds on another fork just yet. Honestly, it would probably feel a little better with something that is a 465mm. But I have grown used to it at this point and actually don't even think about it now days. That being said, I don't have any plans to buy a new fork just yet.

    Overall, the frame construction is decent though I did have a slight problem with a weld haning out over the slider area. Instead of grinding on my frame, I ground down the slider slightly to allow for it to face with the frame properly. Other than that, all welds look decent as far as a mass produced low end/entry level frame is concerned.

    As built, the bike rolls over everything. I can't complain at all. It was a bit of a change for me going from a 26er to a 29er but I can see the benefits at this point. You really can get away with alot more on this size wheel which in turns makes riding just that much more fun.

    The wheel base is longer. I expected this to some degree since we are dealing with larger wheels. However, other companies such as Surley have an angled seat tube that suck the rear wheel up closer thus shortening the wheel base, but that frame is steel and I really did not want that this go around.

    The longer wheel base is exagerated by the sliding dropouts. At this point in time, my sliders are within 2mm of being fully extended. Unfortunately, I have attempted to drop alink from my chain only to find that the chain tension is then too tight and the sliders are slammed all the way forward. The only option now is to go to a half link for my chain. Granted it is only $1.49 plus shipping but the fact that the dropouts have limited movement is really the downer here. They are definitely not as nice as the Paragon style sliders and lack any sort of tensioner. The lack of tensioner screws makes it somewhat difficult to get the wheel centered in the frame while trying to get tension on the chain. This is more of a SS issue than a geared issue since your deraileur will pull out any slack in the chain. Unfortunately, there really isn't anyway to mod this part of the frame. I guess that is what you get for under $200.

    While this is a bit of a PITA, it should only be something that you have to mess with on occasion as you can then run a standard quick release to remove the wheel. But getting it set up initially is just a bit of a pain.

    Lastly, because I am using it as an SS, I really don't need all the extra cable mounts as well as the rear rack mounts. I honestly, wish they were just gone but no use in trying to have them ground off and the frame repainted. Hell, it would cost me more than I paid for the frame to have all that done.

    As a whole, the bike is great and I really don't mean to scare anyone away from the frame or a complete. I have ridden several cheaper frames in the past. I have actually had two different Access frames (still have one of them) and just built up an Access for my wife over the winter. In my case, both of those frames have given me no problems at all and they both flexed alot more than the new Moto. I have my doubts that I will run into any sort of cracked frames but should that actually happen down the road, I don't think I will be as stressed knowing what I paid for it.

    I think this is an awesome way to get into the sport. For me it was a great opportunity to give a 29er a go. But the complete bike deals are awesome if you are looking to score some good parts for a new build. Simply swap your old parts out for the new and use the new frame w/ your old parts as a back up bike or sell to recoup some of your funds. Either way it is a win win situation for you.

    I picked mine up directly from bikeisland.com. They were quite helpful and even opened up a box and weighed a frame for me prior to my purchasing one. Great guys there and the transaction was smooth and the frame was at my house in about 2 days!

    Below is a pic incase you missed it in the other thread of the current set up (actually the rear tire is different now)
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    I love seeing budget frames built up with high end WW parts. Looks great! I bet it's light and fast.

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    Weight as pictured was 21.38lbs Current weight with Race Face Next SL bars, Nano Raptor 2.1 rear tire and tubeless is now 20.77 lbs. New Ritchey Super Logic carbon bars at 20mm rise and 660mm widithis in the mail (plan on cutting down to 600mm-should end up weighing some where around 125 grams or so) and a set of ti skewers similar tuo the KCNC or Tunes that weigh about 54 grams for the pair (lighter than the ones I dug out of boxes to use temporarily at almost 105g/pair) Between those couple parts and swaping out my front tire to a Nano Raptor and tubeless, I should end up at a low 20.something if not in the 19's. But that is all I plan on changing out at this point. The bike works great and is holding up will with my select semi ww parts. Sure there is alot more I could do to get the weight down but it will come at a huge expense at this point. For now, I am quite happy. I think I am still under $2k as the bike sits in the picture above. Of course that does not take into account all the money I spent to get to this point for parts that aren't even on the bike (upgrades here and there)

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