New Moto "enduro" model-
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    New Moto "enduro" model

    Saw this in the MB Action 2016 buyer's guide...........New Moto "enduro" model-image.jpg

    a "HAL 6", not posted on BD's website yet.
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    Interesting. . .no mention of this bike anywhere. Frame looks like an entirely new design, which is also odd for them. XT, a Pike, and WTB wheels. . .I'm not seeing the $4000 price tag either. Unless that's where they're planning to start their "compare to" price and sell it for $1500.

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    Ha, do they even endure?

    Probably in the $1300-1500 range. I'm trying to think what bike that top tube reminds me off, but there are so many that look so similar.
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    I was thinking the same. . .'til it hit me. . .Orbea!

    That frame looks like an Orbea top tube welded to an Airborne downtube, with that funky bend going into the BB. But what the hell, there are no new ideas to be had in frame geometry, might as well make it look cool!

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    So Ever since my friend let me try his 2016 specialized stump jumper (he was doing a sample ride from the LBS) Ive been wanting a new bike! Ive been riding some no-name hard tail and wondering why I hate mountain biking so much ( I used to race hardtails in cross country races back in Idaho but haven't ridden much since moving to Hawaii) After I rode that beautiful specialized bike I started searching and realized that my friends borrowed bike was worth over $6k! Thats when I started looking around online and found bikes direct. After doing a ton of research, I had actually just ordered a 6by6 pro last week. 2 days later I looked on the Bikes direct site and saw the new Hal 6 pro.

    The Specs for the price are amazing and even blow away the 6by6 pro (plus it looks extra cool). I immediately emailed bikes direct to cancel my 6by6 order. Even though they had already shipped my 6by6 (and to Hawaii no less) they cancelled the order, told UPS to send the bike back, and changed my order to the new Hal6 pro, They didn't even charge me extra shipping. So far epic customer service. Cant wait to get it! My friend will be buying a 2016 stumpjumper comp aluminum ($2900) so Ill be interested to see how the Hal6 stacks up against it. I already know that my component list blows his away and is more inline with the $4300 Stump jumper eliite (actually the brakes and rear shock are better on the Hal6 than this bike too!), of course, we shall see about the frame dynamics. I plan to do a side by side comparison of the 2 bikes once we both have our new rides where we both ride each bike on some hard climbs and gnarly downhills then compare notes.

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