New Fantom Ti

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  • 05-15-2013
    New Fantom Ti
    After lusting for a BD ti bike for some time I pulled the trigger on the Fantom Ti. It arrived withing days of my order. It went together well, and I have taken it for three rides. WOW, what a ride.

    After riding my carbon Superfly for a couple of years, this thing feels like a FS it rides so smooth. The Superfly is now for sale! I'm actually enjoying the trails again. I coulnd't be happier with a bike, and I've had great experience with BD (3rd bike so far!)
  • 05-27-2013
    I've been riding mine for 2 years now and love it. It really does give a smooth ride. I can go out for hours on rocky terrain and not feel beat up at all by the end of the ride.