Pretty happy.

I have been mountain biking lately with my nephew (11 years old). He has been getting really into it. He wanted a decent bike so I told him his best bet was bikesdirect.

Being 11 years old you would not expect a kid to work that much, if at all. Not this one. He works for his grandfather and his dad at their car shops. He has even taken apart a whole motorcycle by himself exept for the engine (bc of weight). Being that, he works a lot to buy himself things.

I think it is great b/c he appriciates so much more than other kids do at his age.

He likes bright colors and wanted disc brakes. So I told him i will find a bike for him. I did, but it was $319 (motobecane 450ht). I didn't tell him the price. I told him I found a bike and I will pay the rest of the cost. He didn't like that even though it was for his bday. So I told him I found one for $180, and if he gives me the $160 I would give him the extra $20 for his upcoming birthday. He said ok, as long as it is $180.

Well, the motobecane 450ht should be here Tuesday

Sorry for the no point post. I am just proud of him and I am glad I can help get this for him.
BTW, I purchased the lime green one for him.
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