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    My story

    I purchased a 700Ds because I had enough money to buy the bike and upgrade all the non-quality components. I couldn't see spending $2,500 on the Specialzed EPIC that I really wanted. Well, little by little I made several upgrades and I was really loving my 700DS more and more. I went thru a search for the fastest rolling, low resistance all around tire out there. I found it , Halo Twin Rail, but it didn't satisfy the look of an MTB bike IMO(This tire is just way too perfect BUT it kinda made me feel like it was a beach cruiser tire, don't get me wrong this tire is bad ass but I just couldn't get passed the look), so I went with second best, Kenda Tinker Juarez Dred Tred. Anyways, I found myself kinda addicted to get my bike the best it can possibly be with top grade components. Well after investing an additional 600 bucks on tires, stem,bars, tubes, pedals and so on it finally dawned on me **** MAN JUST GO AND HAVE FUN! I was so consumed by getting all the top of the line components and I forgot to have fun. SOOOOO don't worry about the non-quality parts cause they are actually pretty good. Plain and simple JUST have fun!

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    yeah. I am addicted to upgrades too. And this is not just in bikes. Although, it is nice to upgrade if you have some extra money, sometimes it makes me think that I should have purchased Comp DS to begin with. I believe I am close to $1k with my 700ds

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    I bought mine because that's all I really wanted to spend right now. I easily have $3K invested in windsurfing equipement. I have the $ and could have spent $1500 if I wanted too. This was my first jump into the higher end bike market and I only wanted to spend $500 to get something decent that I could hone my skills on and determine if I wanted something more high end, and if so, what type of bike that may be. That said, there is so much "my ride is 2oz lighter than yours" stuff in biking that sorta surprised me since I don't see this kind of sillyness in windsurfing and I sail in a world class destination with expert sailors. So, there's always a next level bike then the one somebody has just like somebody always has a nicer car, house, whatever. If you get caught up in that stuff instead of just enjoying this nice ride your wasting your time.
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