Motobecane Fantom DS FS XTR 29er - A year later-
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    Motobecane Fantom DS FS XTR 29er - A year later

    So I now have almost one complete year on my Fantom DS FS XTR 29er. This bike is awesome. I had some issues, but nothing I probably would not have had on other bikes. The KMC chain is just too light and snapped on me twice. Replaced with an XT chain - Fixed. The tires that came on it sucked. Wore them out at around 500 miles (WTB Prowler SLs). Rocking Maxxis Ikons now (2.35 up front, 2.1 rear) and it's a great combo. The avid Elixirs squeal from time to time. A little sand paper to the disk, and pad - fixed. Rear hub was making grinding noise. Contacted bikesdirect, a few emails back and forth, new free hub sent out to me. In the mean time I tried soaking the old one and cleaning it (it stopped grinding) fixed, and great customer service. And finally for those who don't think these bikes are made well, just look at my last ride through Maryland rock gardens in Patapsco State Park. While on you tube look at the other videos I posted (all on my Moto) and I think you will see these bikes can take some abuse. These are very well made bikes. The only down point to bikes direct is that you really need to know what a proper fit is for you before buying. All in all, I love my bike, and it makes me want to ride, and that is all I can ask for in a ride.

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    I'm completing my third season on this frame and fork, I bought the frame/fork kit for $1100 and built it up custom. I am very happy with how this frame handles and the rear suspension has held up to my abuse without any need for new bearings/rebuild.

    But what amazes me is how two different LBS owners admitted to me the bike is fine and they wouldn't hesitate to own one if they were in my shoes (not rich and wanting to spend my time and money riding).

    I've ridden this bike on overseas MTB vacations, Moab, Colorado Front Range with zero problems alongside of expensive Treks, Specialized, Yetis etc, this bike has never been the limiting factor.

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