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    Smile MOTOBECANE 700DS ~ best choice for me?

    I'm a college boy looking to have EXTREME fun this summer (this was my first year in college, and it was pretty stressful = a lot of work) to make up for the countless hours i sat in my desk chair studying for chemical engineering (who knows, maybe one day, i might develop a crazy composite material for the bikes of the future??? :-) )

    For the last, eternity, i've been a weekend warrior, tackling light trails... biking to the nearest lake... biking on road... max 10 hours per week.

    But all of a sudden, i have an urge to tackle obstacle-ridden trails and real offroad conditions (no freestyle please... don't wanna kill myself intentionally jumping over a cliff).

    My $$$ limit was around 700$ and i decided to purchase the 700DS after looking through bikesdirect for 5 straight hours. I felt that it was a sturdy, dependable, and well built bike that will "absorb" the shock of my mistakes (a.k.a n00b crashes), and that it will last a long time as long as i get it checked up every now and then at the local bike shop.

    Well, just today, i found out that i got the summer job i wanted. It's short (only for the month of July... so that i have more time to bike over this summer ), and i'll get enough dough to not only pay for next year's textbooks, but also spare change for any addon/upgrade components i might want to configure onto my new 700DS (if i knew i was going to get this summer job, maybe i should have went for the Fantom series? nah... i like the 700DS).

    Anyways, any suggestions for upgrade components? (price cap = 200$).

    and did i make the right choice going with the 700DS?

    (sorry for basically writing an essay and giving my life's story )

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    The 700 will give you a 100mm fork and 1.5" rear suspension travel. That means you'll have to pick your way through rock gardens instead of plowing through them if you had 5" and a 130mm fork. You'll also have to swap out the rear spring for a 500 to 600lb spring. My 700 allows to go most places the larger suspension bikes go but at a slower pace in the heavy duty areas. That fits my riding style. If that's not you however, return it for for one of the Fantoms. Only you will know what fits you. I put a stem raiser on, I'm 6'5", I swapped in a softer rear spring and a better quick release chain. I'm not interested in any other upgrades for now. I'll probably just buy a new bike when this one wears out.
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    Check out my post in weight weenies section. I dropped a couple of pounds off the bike it really like the changes.

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