Just curious what you all think of the 2 bikes in a small (I'm 5.6 at 120lbs mid 40's 80% Michigan trail riding)?
Moto $3K (no stock on fly XO at $2100) and Specialized Comp just went up to $2900 (EVO R went up to $3500) since Specialized is having difficulty meeting demand on both models and LBS not having any stock (pre order only for now) It would be the same as ordering from BD as in I will not be able to test ride either. I already have a Moto Ti 26HT and love it, race it, ride it, so I know what I am getting with that respect. I debated which forum to post this in as I think there will be more Moto viewers (and probably pro Moto-but I could be wrong) here then on the Specialized forum but just opted to post here by flip of a coin. May be there are some things I am overlooking and just trying to gauge pros/cons
Cheers and thank for any feedback