Moto Fantom Team Gear Ratio Comparison-
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    Moto Fantom Team Gear Ratio Comparison

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to this forum and the sport. I'm looking to get my first serious mountain bike soon and I have narrowed down my choice to the Motobecane Fantom Team full suspension bike with 27 speed. I did a survey of all the Fantom bikes from Motobecane and found that this bike I'm planning to get does not have a good gear ratio range.

    Here is the list of gear ratio for all the Motobecane Fantom bikes. I calculated the maximum ratio which affects down hill travel and the minimum ratio which is for up hill climb.

    Fantom Team 20 Speed- Maximum: 3.50, Minimum:0.75
    Fantom Team 30 Speed- Maximum: 3.67, Minimum: 0.61
    Fantom Team 27 Speed- Maximum: 3.67, Minimum: 0.81
    Fantom Pro DS 27 Speed- Maximum: 4.00, Minimum: 0.65
    Fantom Elite DS 27 Speed- Maximum: 4.00, Minimum: 0.69
    Fantom Comp DS 27 Speed- Maximum: 4.00, Minimum: 0.69
    Fantom Trail DS 27 Speed- Maximum: 4.00, Minimum: 0.69

    The 27 speed version has a very narrow range of gear ratio which makes it poor for both down hill and up hill travel as compared to the other bikes. For down hill travel, a higher gear ration is what you want for maximum speed and a lower gear ratio is good for really steep up hill climb.

    The Pro DS has the best gear combination of all the bikes. I could go with this model but I want a really light bike. In my opinion, the Fantom Team 27 speed bike's limited gear ratio range is a handicap to a really good bike. Wish Bike Direct would change this combination.

    Sorry for being so technical about this.

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    You cant have both , HTFU .

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    I have the Fantom Team, I changed the rear cassette to a 11/34, and solved that problem, I replaced the chain also, to add the linkage required for the bigger gearing.. I also changed the tires to Schwalbe Rocket Rons, and grips to Oury's too, and you're right it is a really good bike, once you get it sorted out. I've got a little over 500 miles on it now with no real problems, I plan on changing the cables/housings, thats the next thing I feel needs an upgrade, good luck

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