I love this segment of cycling...the adventure bike.

A mix of a touring bike and a cross bike. The ability to fit 40c + wide tires, rack braze-ons front and rear and disk brakes.

Like the Salsa Vaya or the new trek 920 adventure. As a matter of fact, I love the trek but for $2000, I think the build spec is kinda low.

Moto Adventure Bike?-2015-trek-920-adventure-road-bike2-600x3991.jpg

I know if BD were to come out with one. For $2000 it would have a killer build, maybe even a titanium frame.
Anything in the works? I know BD has plenty of cross bikes and the zilla thing...but, not the same as that sexy beast.

Thinking of selling my fatbike and doing so more exploring in the future.