I'm 6',1" , 220 and rode a Large 2009 Comp DS the other day at the local BD shop. The cockpit felt strangely cramped. At 23.5 inches , the TT felt terribly shorter than my 21" Fantom Pro 29er TT length of 25.1. Makes me hesitate on buying the Fantom Team I was considering. Swapping stems and seatposts to get a comfortable fit may not be worth it - maybe BD will make the cockpit fit correctly. I thought I read somewhere that BD was coming out with a 4" FS 29er at some point; maybe I should wait for a possible 21" 29er DS.
Anyway, if you have or had a Large DS and it felt too cramped what did you do to make it comfortable? Post some pics. I hate to pass up on a bargain like the TEAM so I'm anxious to hear what others have done/ tried.