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    Just ordered a Fantom 29 X7 =)

    I had a little bit of money to spend and the specs seem very decent for the price. The rockshox 30 gold is what sold me on it although I liked the fantom 29 comp as well. I couldn't find anything comparable for under $1000 elsewhere. I'm about 5'7" with shoes although a 31" inseam so I bought the 15" frame after checking out the geometry specs. Previously I bought a fantom 29 sport but with a 17.5" frame that was a bit to large for me but at the time I thought I was 5'9". Should've went with the 15.5" in retrospect.

    Last year I injured my shoulder that required surgery so I was unable to ride all spring and most of the summer. So I really could use a decent fork that has some rebound dampening and isn't a pogo stick to aggravate it. Anyways I'll post a update when I receive it hopefully next week.

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    Very nice...I just got mine yesterday...built it up last night. If you are doing the build (and have never done one before), here's a couple of insights...

    1. Bikes from the factory have the MINIMUM amount of lubrication available. It's recommended to basically treat everything as if it's bare metal and grease/lube all applicable areas.

    2. Inspect your bike very carefully as you unpack it. These bikes have travelled a long way. Mine had a rather badly bent derailleur hanger and part of the dropout was tweaked as well. I'm a former framebuilder and professional mechanic, so I had little reservation in fixing this. With aluminum, you REALLY have to know how far is "too far" when it comes to tweaking things (it also helps to have the appropriate tools). I've put in a request with the seller for a replacement hanger so I have an extra.

    3. Everything will need re-adjusting after the first ride. Check all bolts, cable tensions after the initial ride. You may need to true up the wheels too.

    4. You will need a shock pump.

    5. Don't rush...give yourself plenty of time to get your build done. I took everything apart (partially because I didn't use some of the stock parts) to make sure adjustments were correct, etc... Total time (with beers and hanging with a neighbor) was about three hours.

    This is a pretty sweet bike once it's all built. I took mine for a shake ride today...about 10 miles off-road. Have fun!!
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    Well my fantom 29 x7 arrived yesterday although I was unable to take it out till today. Pretty happy with it so far out of the box it only needed a minor tune up and the front wheel was slightly out of true. I took my time assembling it and made sure to tighten and lube everything as needed. I can't wait to test it out on some of the local trails.
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