• 10-03-2008
    I want a motobecane fantum pro 29, but good deal on 700HT & Fantum trail
    I was planning on getting the fantum pro 29 (I weight ~200lbs); but now I have the opportunity to get a new 700HT for $400 shipped; its half the price, so now I dunno what to do :confused:

    EDIT: I can also get the Fantum Trail for $450
  • 10-03-2008
    How do you get the discount on those two bikes?

  • 10-03-2008
    Having now owned a 29er for a few months, I personally would not compromise by getting a cheaper 26er. But if you haven't yet drank any of the 29er kool aid yet...then you may never know the difference.
  • 10-05-2008
    I went nearly nuts trying to figure this out, spent entire yesterday and today.

    The extra value for the Fantom pro I estimated as:
    $125 for the fork
    $50 for the XT derailleur
    $100 for the brakes
    $50 for the crankset
    -$50 for the frame (the frame on the fantom trail seems better)

    So, $275 additonal in total; of which I dont really care all that much about the brakes so $175 in real difference. But this $175 is something I'd really like

    But the moto pro costs $350 more...