For my first post here, thought I'd gush about my first FS ride!
Just picked up a Fantom Team, been having a ball putting it together and tweaking it up for it's first thrashing on Sunday.

I am amazed at how light this bike is! Out of the box it was 3.5lbs lighter than my hardtail.

Changes\additions I've made so far:
1) Candy pedals (I've run them on my hardtails for years and I had a brand new set laying around)
2) Tires - I swapped the Klimax lites for a pair of Karma 2.2's running tubeless.
3) Added a Reverb seatpost.
Bike now weighs in at 27.1lbs!

Been riding trails since '88, my first bike was a steel frame with NO suspension that weighed almost 40lbs. The tech advances are amazing and I've enjoyed it all, but damn i still just love getting outside and getting muddy and bloody. I LOVE this sh!t!!!