I skipped on buying a new short travel frame and went back to rebuild my Fly Ti with some new bits. I was not riding it recently as it donated parts to a 120mm FS endurance racing bike.

I like my Fly, but that's what I would have changed:

1) An inch longer ETT per size, so I would run 90mm stem, not 110mm.
2) A degree slacker headtube. 69 with unsagged 120mm fork and ZS lower cup, same seat tube angle.
3) Made for 120mm fork, the new XC standard it seems.
4) 44mm headtube
5) A tad higher BB
6) BB92 pressfit bottom bracket
7) Full length housing
8) Brake mounting in between chain and seatstay.
9) 142x12 rear option
8) This new Shimano direct mounting option for derailler, once they come out. Rear replacable dropout should do that.
9) Option to install single speed dropout. Basically, something like those modular dropouts like on recent On One frames and others.

That would make a perfect adventure racing rig for me. Though I suspect most folks are migrating to 29r hardtails. Not really sure why, 26" still works fine.

I am ordering 120mm SID fork, original one got donated to wife's bike. It can be lowered to 100 internally, but I would like an option to reuse it on another frame later. Will see how the current frame behaves at 120mm first, but I suspect not very well.