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    How is bikesdirect customer service?

    I'm thinking about making the leap, but lets say within the first week the front fork breaks some how. Will it be replaced, repaired? I'd like to hear some customer service stories from some ppl. Thank you.

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    Customer service is great... no, wait its horrible. You should do a search here. There are those that have had bad experiences and those who have had great ones. The thing you will need to keep in mind is that their policy is you send the WHOLE bike back on YOUR dime for warranty work. With that said, I think some people have not had to do that depending on the issue. I can't remember seeing a reasonable warranty claim declined when the owner was willing to follow the BD policies. Most dissatisfied customers were either asking a lot of BD or not willing to follow the return policy.

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    You also need to take a look at the money you save, evaluate the risk that something will break, and determine for yourself if the money saved is worth the extra hassle if you can't just walk into a shop down the street and demand that they fix it.

    For me, hands down, the money saved has been worth it.

    I agree that BD seems to handle reasonable claims in a reasonable way.

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    I have not had to use customer serive luckily. From what I have read from other people, for out of the box failures and component failures they are very good. For instance if you assemble your bike take it for a ride and the fork starts leaking, then they will send you a new fork with no hassles. I think a lot of this comes down to the fact that the components are covered by a warranty from the respective company that makes them. But if you ride the bike for a month and the frame breaks into pieces, you have to send the entire bike back to Texas so they can inspect it and decide if they will warranty it.

    But the best opinions will come from others who have first hand stories, so don't just go by what I wrote.
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