• 01-25-2012
    Help me please! Moto 29 elite vs gravity p4
    Well been looking to get a new bike and settled in on the 29ers. I've seen bike's direct site and really like the prices and components. I like the treks mamba but for the same price and can have either of these two bikes. I like the Moto forthe external lockout but like the geometry of the gravity cuz its close to the trek (17.5). I also figured that if I break the frame I could always replace it with the sette frame for 250$ which would be fine by me.

    So help....
  • 01-27-2012
    I picked up a Gravity 29.4 last July and have had a blast with it. No issues ordering or delivery. Took a couple of hours to assemble/adjust the brakes. Shifting was spot on out of the box.

    Looks like the differences are very small, MB uses Shimano derailleurs/drivetrain, Gravity uses SRAM. The MB has the remote lockout. I don't think I've used the lockout but once, and that was to just try it out. Too lazy. Perhaps if it was a remote I'd use it more. Its only $50 more for the MB, so if your keen on the remote, go for it. RIDE!
  • 04-25-2012
    how about against the gravity p5?
  • 06-19-2012

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    how about against the gravity p5?